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Tayuya's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Tayuya's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
7:05 pm
Christmas gifting!
Clark: A sawed-off pool cue.

Toph: A taser.

Sokka: A nerf bat.

Robin: A thong and a paper bag with two eyeholes cut in it.

The twins: A set of pictures highlighting as many humiliating points in Kimimaro's stay in camp as possible.

Kidoumaru: Same as the above.

Lady: A set of explosive tags, and instructions on their useage.

Mia: A rather nice-looking fountain pen.

Shuichi: Sheet music for several (non-jutsu related) tunes from her world

Thor: A framed certificate declaring "Hokumon Tayuya certifies that Thor Odinson is officialy and completely awesome".

George: A framed certificate declaring "Hokumon Tayuya certifies that George Lass is officialy and completely awesome".

Megan: An unlabeled CD, burned with a short selection flute music as perfomed by Tayuya.

Rosalyn: Sheet music for one original composition, entitled "For Rosalyn".
Monday, July 31st, 2006
7:09 pm
Relationship meme once more
Right, figure might as well do this now- want to know about how Kabuto or Tayuya regard your characters? Just comment. Feel free to let me know how my two are regarded by yours as well via this post, if you want.
Monday, May 8th, 2006
6:16 pm
The app that got her in
Character Age: 14 (which always surprises me a little)

Canon: Tayuya is the only female member and genjutsu/illusion
expert of the Sound Four (formerly known as the Sound Five when one
Kaguya Kimimaro was their leader), who are in turn the elite
bodyguards of Orochimaru, one of the main villains of the series. Her
role in canon can be summed up as such:

See Sasuke angst. See Sasuke get the tar beaten out of him by the
Sound Four. See Sasuke decide he needs power like theirs. See Sasuke
get put in a barrel to gain said power. See everyone fight over the
Barrel o' Sasuke. See Tayuya face off against two ninja, and see
Tayuya get crushed under several trees.

Personality-wise, Tayuya is notable for being the most foul-mouthed
and abrasive character in the series- she'll insult both friend and
foe frequently and with ease. She is described as having a 'doesn't
want to lose attitude', and will take pride in laying the smackdown
with only her flute. While she can devise and implement effective
strategies, Tayuya is perfectly capable of adopting a brutally
straightforward approach at times.

Sample Post:

How the fuck did I get here? And where are those three wastes
of space? Last thing I remember was those fucking trees collapsing
around me and now I wake up in... whatever this shithole is. Even the
goddamn Forest of Death didn't have hatchet-carrying rabbits, and no
way is a glowing lake anything near fucking normal!

... okay, at least this place gives you a weapon when you get here. Been
getting some good notes when cracking zombie skulls with my flute, but
that gets it crusted with gunk, and I'm not putting my mouth anywhere
near bits of zombie brain. But hell, after what I've seen of this
place, got to give whatever piece of trash named it 'Camp Fuck You
Die' points for being honest.

That doesn't mean that whenever I find the turd animating all these
goddamn corpses, I won't fucking well kneecap him for
starters. Asshole has to be around here somewhere to be directing
these fucking things. Yeah, you think you're so fucking smart- you've
got to run out of these shitty corpses pretending to be my 'groupies'
sometime, you fucking hear me!

Hey, are those tracks-

Awright, looks like beef for lunch, and even better, something
alive for me to kill. Heh, I-



... what maniac makes a goddamn artificial cow?!
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